This guitar is amazing for the money. Some people would frown upon bringing a Squier to a recording session or even a gig. But, this guitar makes the cut. It sounds like a real Telecaster, and plays super great. It combines all the elements of a US made Fender Telecaster into an affordable yet ultra usable and versatile guitar that still remains true to the Telecaster in tone, look and feel.


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It is made in China, so some people would say that it is not a “real” telecaster. But quite frankly, they would be wrong. It has that classic country Telecaster “twang,” and delivers where it needs to deliver musically and stylistically.



The pros with this guitar is the fact that it plays great, stays in tune great and is very light in weight. Its body is made out of pine wood, and whereas some would question this, it really works just fine. In addition, the custom vintage style pickups sound great. It is also a guitar that you can take to gigs and not have to worry too much about in terms of getting damaged because of the low price. But, it remains good enough to actually use without getting let down musically in terms of the quality and reliability that it does provide throughout.



The cons with the Classic Vibe is simply that it remains a low budget instrument. A seasoned player would be able to feel the difference after a while. It does lack a bit of “punch” that US model would have. This is evident in both tone and feel. Although the hardware is decent, you really should have the guitar set up at a local music store to fit your style of playing and to fine tune everything to make sure that it runs smoothly.

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