Guitarists can evoke the distinct sound of Kurt Cobain with the Fender Kurt Cobain Signature Mustang Electric Guitar. One of many models from the Artist Series, the Mustang is a personal guitar inspired by the tastes and preferences of one of the world’s most legendary guitarists. The guitar is a top pick for are small in build as well as small-handed guitarists who are looking for a traditional model with a rebellious feel, and grungy sound. The KC Mustang fuses classic 60s style, 90s flavor, and modern upgrades to covey a high-end sound beast. The combination of added features and classic elements appeal to alternative and punk rockers while giving them the opportunity to tweak the guitar to their own inclination.


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Built for a smaller stature, the Kurt Cobain Mustang is a suitable choice for guitarists looking for a versatile model that delivers a plethora of tunes. Favored among Nirvana fans, the guitar includes an angled single-coil Mustang neck to enhance tonality. The guitar neck and scale are sized just right for guitarists with smaller hands. The shorter scale neck at 24” will enable faster play and low action; a must have when dishing out hard-hitting grunge styles. In addition to a Seymour Duncan JB humbucking bridge pick up, the Mustang also has a dual on-off and phase in-out switches mounted strategically on top. The guitar allows for a dynamic sound and versatile tonality that has been widely praised by the masses. The alder body with polyester finish gives the guitar a traditional look and classic feel. For guitarists that want to capture the style of Cobain, the Mustang is available in several great color selections. The brazen color options include Fiesta Red, Dark Lake Placid Blue, and Sonic Blue.



The largest con regarding the Mustang for most guitarists is the price. Retailing at just under $1400 this is considered a relatively high cost for many musicians prepping to rock it out. The guitar also excludes a gig bag like many other models that are currently available. There are some added features included in the Mustang that Cobain did not have on his model, which may cause some longstanding fans to feel that the guitar is not a spot-on match. The Mustang is built with an Adjusto-Matic bridge with a dynamic vibrato tailpiece, not necessarily a preferred option for players that would instead elect to go with a tune-o-matic.



Kurt Cobain incorporated many tweaks to establish his unique sound on the Mustang; modern guitarists should consider doing the same to create their own distinct style as well. . To achieve the maximum sound output and mimic the classic grunge sound that Nirvana grew famous for, minimal modifications can be made to the already high performance model. Modifications to the single-coil pickups can be made as well as replacement or elimination of the vibrato for tuning issues. Among users, this seems to be the widest yet, perfectly fixable problem with the model. For scenarios where the volume is not quite right, the neck pick up can be lifted to generate greater balance.

The Mustang has some really strong features that perform well for users that are smaller in stature.


Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang Demo


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    The fender squier classic vibe 50s stratocaster, white w/tan pick guard come in lefthanded model. Kurt Cobain mustang and the fender super champ come in lefthanded models. Please let me know, ready to purchase. Thank you.
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