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The Melody maker is a sweet guitar. It is sweet both in tone, look and feel. It features a mahogany body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. The design is a simple Les Paul Shape, but without the flamboyance of a custom or even a standard Gibson Les Paul.

This guitar is great for classic rock, blues and jazz but is very versatile indeed. It feels great, and is just a joy to play with. It’s the sort of guitar that just begs you to pick up and start jamming on. I also find that because. of its simplicity, it is a great songwriting instrument.

Gibson® Melody Maker 2014 Solid-Body Electric Guitar

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Pros of the Melody Maker is it lightness in weight, great tone and simplicity in design. Another very great aspect of the Melody Maker are the pickups which are the awesome sounding p90’s . ( Specifically, P-90SR and P-90ST.) Another pro is the fact that this really is a Gibson Les Paul. It is not a knockoff, or even a cheaper Gibson brand such as Epiphone. With the Melody maker, you get a real Gibson Les Paul. This is always a plus in terms of prestige to many people and aspiring guitar players. One really big and unique pro of the 2014 model is the inlay on the 12th fret that reads “120th anniversary.” This is something that may have great appeal to collectors and might also be a good investment as it is a limited run. This makes the Melody Maker a real gem.



The cons of this guitar are very difficult to find. I mentioned the light weight as being a pro. However, some players actually like heavy guitars. Especially with a Gibson. Some prefer their Gibson Les Pauls to be heavy in weight, so although relative, the lightness could be viewed as being a con. Some may also find it too flimsy and boring in design. The design really is quite simple and perhaps someone who wants to invest in a Gibson, may find the Melody Maker too bland. But again, this may be a personal preference. It is true that heavy Gibson Les Paul have a a way of producing a certain tone due to the heaviness of the wood and build than the lighter Les Pauls. This may be a determining factor when considering the Melody Maker.

Gibson USA Les Paul Melody Maker Electric Guitar


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