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Evolving from the 2006 Classic Player collection, the Fender Classic Player Jaguar is an ideal electric guitar for players who have smaller hands. It is descried as having a “classic design with modern improvements”.

The Jaguar is known for being a diverse instrument that allows the musician to play a variety of sounds and styles. It is moderately priced and has a high rating among users who enjoy playing blues and jazz music. It’s cutting-edge design is more detailed than some other models that are on the market but once mastered it is a high performance model that offers distinct signature variations and loads of new features.

Fender Classic Player Jaguar® Special, Rosewood Fretboard

electric guitar - fender classic player jaguar

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3 tone sunburst | 3 tone sunburst (HH) | candy apple red | olympic white (HH)



The Fender Classic Player Jaguar is a hybrid between vintage style and modern technology, offering a distinct look and feel. The guitar includes a maple C-shaped neck with 24” scale and 22 frets that are medium jumbo in size. There are some innovative features included in the guitar such as the specially designed hot single-coil Jaguar bridge and neck pick ups. The guitar allows for greater output with the new pickups and clearer pitch with a new neck pocket cut design. Another contemporary feature is the Adjusto-Matic bridge with vintage style “floating” tremolo tailpiece, and tremolo lock button. Guitarists will also find a screw-in Jaguar Jazzmaster tremolo arm. The break angle and sustain on the Jaguar have been improved with an updated modification on the tremolo plate location. The guitar is fun and easy to play for most musicians. For players with smaller hands, the small neck and smaller frets are definitely key selling points.



Upon surveying users of the Jaguar, there are few issues that may arise out of the package and possibly during use. Some users cite the Adjusto-Matic bridge as not being a preferred option, instead going for a model that has a vintage-style bridge. The guitar comes with 10 gauge strings however, some users prefer to switch to 11’s early on. Few musicians have described the set-up of the guitar as being rather complex due to many buttons and knobs. There have been some issues with higher action and a high bridge. The price of the Fender Classic Player Jaguar falls within the mid-range which may be a little too high for the novice guitarist.



To gain familiarity with the guitar, be sure to thoroughly study the included diagram before diving in. If you find that the strings are not right, they can be swapped for a larger gauge. In the case of a guitar neck that is not providing the best action, the neck can be shimed by raising it with a piece of thick paper or a business card. Because of the thin guitar neck, guitarists with smaller hands will benefit most from the Jaguar.


Keep in mind that when selecting a guitar it may take some time to find the perfect solution. Although the Jaguar was developed with an advanced design, it may take some players a while to get used to all of the features and controls.

Fender Classic Player Jaguar Demo


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