Electric guitarists are as diverse as the origins of rock, jazz, metal, blues and pop genres that incorporate the sounds of electric guitars into their styles. There are no one-size-fits all options for electric guitar players but there are however, many product selections available that accommodate a wide range of preferences sizes, and shapes of the performers that have elected to rock it out on the popular instrument. As surprising as it may seem, the size of one’s hands and the length of their fingers can impact the experience of playing an electric guitar. It is important to address issues of comfort when playing and practicing early on as the formative stages influence the development of a musician; difficulty manipulating the instrument may lead to frustration and challenges in mastering complicated sounds.

Electric guitar players with small hands may face a number of challenges while working to develop their sound and style. Guitarists with smaller hands may have difficulty reaching chords, gripping the neck of the guitar, and movement of the thumb around the fretboard. These hurdles may impede the musician’s ability to produce an intended sound or achieve preferred speed in manipulating the guitar chords, thus affecting positioning and performance. Smaller hands however, should not discourage a guitarist from pursuing their craft. There are several ways by which a player can seek accommodations in shape and design to allow for top-notch performance. Electric guitarists with smaller hands and fingers may consider a shorter scale length, and slimmer neck. Check out a few of the best electric guitars for small hands.


#1: Squier by Fender 50s Vibe Stratocaster

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Squier, designed by Jermone Bonaparte (J.B. Squier) was known for his hand-wound violin strings, later delving into the world of electric instruments, his company grew in notoriety as V.C. Squier, the official manufacturer for Fender. The Squier 50s Vibe Stratocaster is a vintage-style electric guitar that boasts comfort and affordability. It includes a C-shaped, maple neck, and three custom single-coil pickups.
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#2: Fender Classic Player Jaguar

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The Fender Classic Player Jaguar offers an exceptional design and diverse functionality. With a moderate price-point, it includes single-coil pickups, , and a 24” scale enabling the musician to play with ease. The Jaguar is a vibrant blend of past and contemporary in it’s design, features, and tone.


#3: Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang

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Inspired by legendary rock icon Kurt Cobain, the Mustang is a C-shape designed electric guitar with a Maple neck and Alder body. The guitar includes 22 vintage frets and a rosewood fingerboard. For greater ease of use, it also includes 1 Seymour Duncan JB model humbucking bridge, and one Mustang single-coil neck pick up. This is a dynamic guitar choice that accommodates comfort, style, and distinctive performance.
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While having small hands may be a slight hindrance in electric guitar performance, it should by no means prohibit a musician entirely. With time, and patience, finding the best electric guitar for a musician with small hands is a cinch. Keep in mind the models that offer a slimmer neck and accessible scale length. Consider designs that will allow for greater movement, speed, and positioning for the best comfort and chord mastery. The most important factor above all is the guitarist and how they choose to deliver their sound; this is the driving force in achieving the best performance results.


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  1. amj

    Well I could not find any strat for my hands, so’I bought 2 guitars from Jack & Danny Taiwan tru musicstore cologne germany, apparently asiatic people seems to have small hands too….

    • amj

      Also added the price I’paid for the strat similar model 170 euro instead of 398 euro and for the tele 100 ditto 398 euro, even the original fender bridge covers fit perfectly

  2. CeresRising

    hello electric hub,
    I have very small hands, my pinky is only 2 inches, my middle finger is 3″ from the top of my palm to the tip of my finger. I really don’t want to buy a 3/4 electric guitar though. Does anyone know a full size electric that would fit me. I was looking at an Ibanez AR, SA, or S as a start also looking for that special binding.

    • Guitar King

      Hi Ceresrising
      Your choices are good but please try them to see they present any problems for your hands. If they don’t bear out, the Fenders 50s is another alternative you can consider.


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