With the miniaturization of amplifiers in full swing, the trend seems to be in favor of production of small sized amps right now. What remains inherent is the battle between tonal quality and portability mainly because the smaller the speaker and amplifier are, the less the frequency range that can be produced accurately. One of the latest amplifiers from Blackstar is the FLY3 3W battery powered amp which seeks to solve these problems by being supremely portable as well as producing great sound.

blackstar fly 3 amp

Blackstar FLY3 3W Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier
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What’s good about the new Fly 3 3W amp?

  • Space saver: This amplifier is so small that it can easily fit within your overhead luggage with room to spare.
  • Built-in speaker: It comes with a tiny 3-inch built-in speaker.
  • Durability and affordability: Sold at a decent price, the Blackstar FLY3 3W amp is built from durable plastic.
  • It has packed a full two channel design that comes with a digital tape delay effect, headphone or line out and aux in which allows for connection of an mp3 player.
  • The amp has a small chassis design which can be tuned for maximization of frequency response as well as output thus giving a tone that’s as close to a normal size combo as possible from the 3” built-in speaker.
  • Easy to use controls: Blackstar FLY3 3W amp comes with easy-to-use controls that include a small Delay Level control along with four dials comprising Delay Time, EQ, Volume, and Gain. Other controls include the Power button and a push channel switch.
  • The FLY3 3W amplifier is powered by 6 AA batteries or separate DC power for those who prefer a cheaper and more reliable power source.
  • Due to the increased demand for small amplifiers that double as hi-fi, phone, tablet or computer speakers, this Fly has sought to cater to this by having a speaker that’s not only in full range, but also can be paired with a matching Fly 103 extension speaker for stereo tones, or monitoring computer audio or Aux input.
  • Clean and override controls: The overall build of this amplifier is quite impressive, the controls are smooth and have accurate operation and while being an all plastic affair, and it does feel very solid. The OCD channel presents a variety of tones ranging from light crunch to almost metal tones. The tone remains without harshness, pleasant and tight at all gain settings. It also retains the dynamic response of the cleaner tones. Put simply, the Blackstar FLY3 3W amp reacts well to volume changes and feels good to play given the lovely squishiness that it possesses.
  • Generous sound: As soon as you begin playing, you will realize that the sound is far more generous than you would have expected from an amplifier this small. While it lacks the low end grunt that’s common with larger amps, we have to agree that the high and bottom end frequencies are punchy but not harsh.

The Blackstar one-knob EQ system features an Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) which gives you unlimited control to adjust the tone. Moreover, the ISF control adds to its sweetness of the amp by shaping the basic, low, mid and high frequencies to give a more British sound on one side and American sound on the other side.

The Tape Delay feature is another lovely addition to this amp as well especially since many guitar players prefer a little bit of ambience in their sound. This feature allows them to achieve just that by offering great sound delay in a sound package that’s already impressive. The amp also offers headphone tones and with two great feeling and sounding channels, it can even be used as a recording package.

Details and features

  • Brand: Blackstar
  • Model: FLY3
  • Dimensions: 4.29” h x 5.59” w x 7.59” l, 1.10 pounds
  • 3” speaker; Clean and override channels; 3 Watts
  • Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature): Digital tape delay effect
  • MP3/Line In for listening to music or jamming along
  • Can run on 6 AA batteries or a separate DC power source

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Every guitarist knows that mini amps are fun toys to play with. However, this amplifier exceeds that classification. For an amp that small, the sound definition is certainly of great quality and its features make it useful for practice even when DC or ACX power isn’t available. While the controls are basic, they are surprisingly versatile. As mentioned before, you get 3 watts of solid power through a single 3 inch speaker.

blackstar fly 3 battery amp

For the asking price, Blackstar FLY3 3W battery powered amplifier is a great tone and great value for money in a compact package. While it’s unlikely that it will fit within your gig bag, it certainly has hit the perfect compromise between amp tone and size. This could be the perfect, portable amplifier that many guitarists have seeking for a long time.

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