One of the ultimate goals for any guitar player is to find the perfect guitar setup.

It is indeed interesting how big of a challenge this is. Especially when the concept seems so simple. All we want is the perfect setup for ourselves so we can maximize our guitar playing and over all musicianship. One reason that this really is so difficult is because it often a matter of personal preference. One player might prefer a certain setup and specific gear, whereas another player has other preferences. That being said, there are some elements that are universal and that should be covered when it come to set up the perfect environment for practicing guitar at home



In this article, I will give you some thoughts and ideas to get the most out of your home practicing in terms of gear and guitar setup.


Style Preference

Styles of Electric Guitar
First and foremost, you should make sure that the guitar is set up to meet your requirements based on style. I realize that guitar setup may also be a matter of personal preference. However, if you set it up to match your style or genre, you will have a much more effective practice. For instance, if you a slide player, you want high action on the strings. Low action can be used, but it might make executing some of the slide techniques more difficult. Similarly, if you a rock and metal player, you would probably want low action so you can play faster and more smoothly. Always make sure that the guitar itself is set up to your personal needs and style.


Buying The Best Cable for Electric Guitar

cable for electric guitars
Secondly, I suggest getting a good cable (or a couple if using pedals.) Some players may feel that all cables are the same and that it really is a minimal aspect of guitar playing. However, in my opinion it is not minimal at all. After all, the cable is what connects you to your amp, right? Without a cable, even if you had your dream gear, that would be useless with something to connect them. Get a good quality cable. One that wont easily break or get worn out. They do cost a little bit of extra money, but like all things in life, you really do get what you pay for most of the time. Invest in Monster Cable for instance. These cable have a lifetime warranty on them, so you never have to worry about buying a new one if it should break. However, these cable are fantastic, and the quality is outstanding.


Buying The Best Amp for Electric Guitar

Electric guitar amp
Thirdly, get a good amp. Normally I would advocate a tube amp. Especially for live performance. However, since we are talking about home practice setup, a good digital amp may also be ideal. If you do choose to practice with a digital amp, just be careful not to become to dependent on the fancy effects that it may offer. You want to be able to play, and sound like you no mater what amp you are playing through. Of course there are amps that are quite simply horrible, so make sure to invest in something that is durable and offers quality. I use a micro terror head as an amp going into a small Orange speaker. This works great for practicing. Some Fender digital amps on the market today are also outstanding and can be purchased for very little. If I want a more heavy sound, I like to use my Fender Deluxe and add some distortion pedals or sometimes just overdrive depending on the style I am going to practice. Obviously, the amp, as the guitar makes a big difference in the style you play. If you are going for a style like Metallica, a Fender and a Stratocaster may not do the trick the same way a Marshall and a Gibson Les Paul could.

For practicing at home, think small. You really don’t need a huge cabinet or super loud amp. The concept of practicing is honing and crafting your skills as a player. When playing live and jamming of course, then you can bring out the huge stuff…….although the smaller gear can also be more than enough.


 Electric Guitar Accessories

electric guitar capo
Lastly, here are a few smaller accessories that you should have handy for home practicing. A tuner is super important. Whether it is a clip-on tuner or a stomp pedal, staying in tune and not having to re-tune constantly by ear is crucial so you do not loose the flow and momentum when practicing.

Always have a bunch of guitar picks close by. Put some in your pocket, on your amp or on the table close to your practice space. Picks have a weird way of disappearing when we drop them or misplace the. Always have a lot handy.

A Capo might also be a good little tool to have. Again, it may depend on your style, but perhaps you are practicing a song or style that requires a Capo. Might as well have one handy.



Hopefully, this article gave you some tips and tools and ideas to creating the perfect practice set up for electric guitar. As I wrote in the beginning, the “perfect” setup may depend on the personal choices and preferences of an individual player. However, one underlying theme seems to be present, and that is the notion of quality.

Make sure that the gear, accessories such as the amps, guitars, and cables are up to standard. With good quality, and good guitar setup, you will reach your highest musical potential when practicing at home.

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  1. Jonas Andersson

    Actually I was looking for a guide to the perfect home studio setup. Since I’m having a bit of trouble to make it work. Anyway I like this article too. I’m a novice player and haven’t thought much about cables. I have just bought basically any cable. So thanks for the tip about Monster Cable(s), since I only need to purchase it once.


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