I don’t care what anyone claims. Everyone gets a little nervous before a playing a gig or playing guitar in front of an audience. It can be the butterflies or a feeling of excitement. We all feel it. Its the adrenaline rush, as we prepare to do “our thing” in front of an audience.

I have seen so many guitar players, and even experienced players freeze up with fear and anxiety before a show or even when laying in front of their friends. It’s terrible and unfortunate. Fortunately, you can work on getting rid of that fear and stage fright. Its a process but with the proper tools you are able to get rid of that fear completely.

So how do we do this?

Let us look at two ways that can be extremely beneficial.


Ignore What Others Think

The key is really learning how to trust yourself and be true to you own values. What if I told you that there is no such thing as failing? And I do not mean it the “failing is not an option” way.  Let us go a step further and say that failure does not even exist!

The idea of failing is merely an illusion created by the projections and expectations of others on to you.

Of course you should strive to play your best and do your performances to the best of your abilities. Work hard and give it you all. However, try to train yourself to get to the point where you realize that it really does not matter what other people are saying or thinking. What matters is that you are unique and and have something special to offer. Remember, no matter what, there will probably always be some people who are going to compare you to other players. Some will say your not as good as this guy or that guy. But do not let yourself deter from those types of comments. Everyone gets critique.

I realize that it can be difficult to simply ignore the opinions of others and not pay attention to their criticism. I also understand that we are artists, and performers and it is a part of the game to be liked if you want to develop a career playing guitar/music. But the sooner you start to realize that the problem is with them and not you, the sooner you can go out there and play freely and with confidence and without the fears. By doing what you feel in your heart is right and true, instead of trying to live up the the values and expectations of others, you will begin to see that there is no such thing as failing.




Reverse The Fear

If you struggle with stage fright, another thing that can ease you mind is working on reversing the fear. Stage fright comes from focusing on all the negative expectations, insecurities and other fears we have. What if we focus on all the positive aspects and expectations in stead? Chances are, if people come to your show or at an event that you are playing at, they simply want to hear some good music.

If you are at a level where people pay money to see you perform, they are most likely actually looking forward to hearing you play. Why should you fear that?  People are generally nice, and just want to have a good time, so why be afraid of anything? Remember, you probably play guitar because you love it and want to share your talent with others. If you are playing guitar, you probably have a good idea of what you are doing and want to share that. You want people to have a good time. Think of the awesome connection you will get with you audience and the appreciation they will give you by doing something that you love to do. Be exited that you are in a situation where you are able to let other people feel the excitement and the passion that you have for your guitar playing.

Do you you see how we are reversing the negatives into positives?


So here we have looked at two powerful tools to help you get rid of stage fright. The first one dealt with learning how to trust yourself, and the second dealt with reversing your fears and turning negative thinking into positive thinking.

If you can implement these kind of thinking strategies into your performance preparations, you will greatly diminish you performance anxiety. In time, you will even be able to completely get over your stage fright when playing guitar.



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