Your child wants to get into guitar and you may or may not be familiar with the instrument yourself. If you have never played then this could be a daunting task but fear not. The next few paragraphs should prime you for your venture into the world of picking out a guitar for your kid. If you are familiar with electric guitars yourself this is going to be an easy task for you but maybe you just want a concise summary of your options within the market and you can go from there.

I think I should start off with what I believe is a very important point to keep in mind when you are getting your child a guitar. I understand that you know that if you get your child a guitar they may not like it as much as they had hoped or maybe as much as you hoped. That is a very real risk that you are taking if you get a child a guitar. Because of this I realise that the temptation is to go down to the supermarket and just pick up the really cheap beginner combo electric guitar and that will do. Of course if the guitar isn’t a huge hit with them it wasn’t a huge financial outlay for you. Mission successful! But please resist this temptation. These instruments are not of any sort of quality at all and will speed up the process of your child giving up on playing. This is because these guitars are such low quality and are much harder to play than even a slightly more expensive guitar.

I am by no means saying that you should rush out and buy your child a high end vintage electric guitar. This is not a sensible decision due to the risk of them not sticking with it. But the overall goal with getting them a guitar is to begin to grow a love for music within them. You want them to fall in love with music and appreciate music from all around the world as well as the wonderful joy that playing any instrument can bring them. To garner this love within them you need to get them an instrument that is conducive to love; an instrument that your child will fall in love with.

It is not difficult to fall in love with a great guitar, even a guitar that is not overly pricey. If your child loves their new guitar they will stick with their lessons and slowly grow their love for electric guitar as well as music in general.

Now let’s get down to the fun part of picking out the perfect guitar. The obvious aspect that differs between an adult picking out a guitar and picking a guitar for a child is the sizes. Children’s guitars come in various sizes and they can be split into what is the norm by age group as I will do now. For specific model recommendations, check out our guide on the best electric guitars for small hand:


¼ Size guitars – 4 to 6 years old

These are very small guitars that are a quarter of the size of a normal adult guitar. This sort of size is the size you should be looking at if you are getting a guitar for someone between the ages of 4 and 6, obviously depending on the size of your child.


½ Size – ages 5 to 8

Now moving up to the half size guitars, which are suitable for the ages of 5 to 8. Half size electric guitars are around 135cm long.


¾ size – ages 8 and 11

Children between the ages of 8 and 11 are now getting to a size where they can nearly handle a full size guitar but it’s still best to stick to the slightly smaller and therefore easier to play three quarter size guitar.


Full Size – 11 and up

Children from the ages of 11 and up or children of similar size can be given a full size guitar. A full size electric guitar is around 152cm long. You want to get your child to this size guitar as quickly as possible but do not rush them. If they started on a smaller instrument make sure that they can play some things and have gained some form of confidence before they move up to the harder to play full size guitar.


You can take your child along to a music shop and get them to sit down with some guitars of different sizes. You can ask them which feels the most natural. Which ones can they wrap their hands around the neck properly? Which can they press the strings down easily without too much tension in the string? Once you have answered these questions moving on to pick the exact guitar will be easier as you now have a framework to use when picking out the perfect instrument.


Best model for kids

electric guitars for small hands 1

In my opinion one of the best guitars for children to start on is the Squier mini Strat. Squier is a make of guitar that is a sub company of the world famous and renowned Fender. Although a Squier is not an original fender and maybe doesn’t have quite as high of a quality as a Fender may do, it also doesn’t come with the hefty price tag that some fenders can carry. The mini Strat is a mini version of the unmistakable Stratocaster made famous by players like Jimi Hendrix. If love is what you want to cultivate, what more do you need that to let them believe they are Jimi Hendrix playing to a crowd of millions of adoring fans at Woodstock.

The guitar itself is good quality and very easy to play and it comes in at a reasonable price that isn’t likely to break the bank if the unthinkable happens and guitar just isn’t their thing. Moving on I think another good choice for kids is the Yamaha Pacifica in smaller sizes. I go on about this Yamaha guitar a lot but I really do believe it is one of the best if not the best electric guitars for beginners and they have kindly made children version of it. This just brings more joy into the world of guitar as if any child can love the Yamaha Pacifica even half as much as I do they are onto a winner and a lifelong love for the instrument.


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  1. Mike Kagay

    Near the end you recommend the Yamaha Pacifica in smaller sizes for children. I agree the Yamaha Pacifica line is very good. But I have never come across smaller sized versions in the U.S. Are you perhaps thinking of their acoustic guitars which, I believe, do come in smaller versions here? Or are you in a non-U.S. market? Cheers.


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