The Electric guitar has secured its place in history as one of the most influential elements in the rock music evolution. A symbol of moving into the digital age where technology ruled, the electric guitar was adopted and mastered by pioneering artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Ramone, and Eric Clapton. While these rock greats have left indelible footprints in music throughout the course of time, a new generation of electronic guitar masters are taking their position high in the ranks where their predecessors have garnered immeasurable fame and power.

Now face to face with technological strides in music, musicians are responding now more than ever to the changing trends in the production and development of popular sounds. Amidst hybrids with other genres and collaborations with other musicians and recording artists; the modern electronic guitarist often works to preserve the distinct quality of the instrument while also experimenting with new sounds and styles. The new age electric guitarists on the scene have gained notoriety in a short amount of time, performing with industry greats while carving their own place in music history. Take a look at some of the top new electric guitar players who haven taken to the stage with their impressive styles.

Jimmy Bowskill
Hailing from Canada, Jimmy Bowskill is a young blues musician who jumpstarted his career at the age of 11. Having received prestigious awards for his performances, he released his first album in 2011 called Jimmy Bowskill Band Live. Bowskill, who recorded his second album in 2012 entitled Backnumber is currently touring in Canada.

Mark Tremonti
Mark Tremonti, guitarist and founding member of the band Creed has gained success as not only a guitarist but a songwriter and vocalist as well. Tremonti also started his relationship with the guitar at the age of eleven, later forming a band with a college classmate. Mark has collaborated with other musicians such as Slash, and Michael Angelo Batio. He went on to be awarded with a Grammy for his work on the song “With Arms Wide Open”.

Felix Martin
Felix Martin, a native of Venezuela attended the Berklee School of Music. He is known for designing his own 14-string customer guitar that includes two seven-strings for enhanced performance. Having toured Europe, his unique style is already critically acclaimed.

Davy Knowles
Blues guitarist Davy Knowles has garnered a tremendous following having been the opening at for the band Chickenfoot in 2009. At the age of 25, he had already released two albums. Through his growing career he has toured all over the united States.

The top electric guitarists to watch for consist of a diverse range of musicians that cite influences such as B.B. King, Les Paul, and Keith Richards, and many others. With the growing trend of studio productions and beat machines, they remain closely tied to an instrument that evolved over time from the acoustic guitar and the development of more advanced technology. These musicians have, in a short time, touched audiences with their style and continue to play influential roles in the current music landscape.

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