2014 is prone to be one full of excitement, surprises and good music thanks to the many gifted artists who master the electric guitars and shine thanks to their incredibly talents gifts. Making a Top 5 of the most promising electric guitarists was certainly not an easy task!

The Top 5 artists I have chosen will amaze and rock you during the year of 2014 ! Are you ready (to see who they are)?


Meet Kirk Lee Hammett , our No. 5

2014 most promising electric guitarists 1
Hammett was born in November 18, 1962 and he is the lead guitarist and songwriter in the heavy metal band Metallica. In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Hammett on the eleventh place on their list of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”, which was regarded as an important achievement for him.

Hammett’s playing style distinguishes itself from that of other musicians by his extensive use of the wah-wah pedal in his solos. He even went as far as saying that this was „an extension of his personality”.

The artist started 2014 by taking part at Fear FestEvil, a horror convention lasting over three days, in San Francisco. Heperformed the Black Sabbath classic “Heaven And Hell” and Metallica’s song “Trapped Under Ice”with Exodus and Death Angel. Revolver Mag documented his entire performance, stating that the life-long horror fan had not disappointed his audience. His fans are eager to see his future activities and we were announcedthat they would be both numerous and very diverse, aimed at pleasing new and old admirers.


Mark Thomas Tremonti  deserves the 4th place on our list

2014 most promising electric guitarists 2
Mark Thomas is the lead guitarist of Alter Bridge , Creed and Tremonti. Praised for his extraordinary talent, both as a songwriter and guitarist, his efforts were rewarded by a Grammy Award for Creed’s single, “With Arms Wide Open”. Not only that, but Guitar World had nominated him as “Guitarist of the Year” for three years in a row! On top of this, in 2011, Guitar Magazine awarded him the title of being the fourth greatest metal guitarist of all time, which is, by any standards, a quite honourable testimony of his abilities as a musician.

Great songs, such as “Blackbird” (Alter Bridge), “Cry of Achilles”(Alter Bridge) or “Wish You Well” (Tremonti) are just an example of how rich his music style is and showcase a seemingly inexhaustible source of inspiration. Highly appreciated by an increasing number of fans worldwide, Tremonti is an artist whose albums and future activities are followed very closely, which is understandable if we look at his success and musical record.


John Peter Petrucci – No. 3

2014 most promising electric guitarists 3
The first time he laid his hands on a guitar was at 12. Ever since then, he never gave it up and continued to improve his skill and technique. According to him, he spent more than 6 hours daily practicing and composing music; it didn’t take him very long before he realized that the guitar was his life.

Bands like RushYesIron MaidenDixie Dregs and Metallica were among the first who inspired him and influenced his style. Respected for his variety of guitar styles and skills, Petrucci is now one of the most notable of guitarists worldwide. The seven string electric guitar has now become his main writing tool, which he uses for its capability of delivering an extended range of sounds for heavy riffing and for playing powerful solos. Moreover, Petrucci often combines his metal shredding technique with a slower, emotive soloing style, a fact that we admire, for it shows his creative abilities.

Dream Theater – which is his band – and has a self-titled album, has quite a following worldwide, as top magazines and critics, as well as fans, have praised their productions. Future tours are announced in 2014 and great performances are being expected from the talented John Petrucci.


Joe Satriani (Satch ) takes the No.2 .

2014 most promising electric guitarists 4
Well known for his great performances, he managed to conquer the hearts of many fans around the globe with tours which took place in Canada, Poland, The Czech Republic, Germany and the UK. Although he received numerous nominations for various prizes and awards, he was not given any. While that might deter some, he held his head up high and continued to make great music, in spite of everything.

Being influenced by great artists such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix, Satriani became one of the most skilled musicians of recent times. He has an unique style and has been regarded as a perfectionist, tuning every part of his song until he is satisfied with it. For this, we appreciate him.

An upcoming series of concerts were announced in 2014 and some of the destinations where he will be playing are the USA, the Netherlands and Denmark, where fans are eagerly waiting him with their arms wide open.


Who could take the 1st place in our Top 5 Most Promising Guitarists of 2014 ? He is a well-known American guitarist, composer and producer, who has sold over 15 million albums worldwide. He said he will be rocking his fans, touring in Finland, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, the USA, the Russian Federation and Japan in 2014.

Steve Vai as our NUMBER ONE!

2014 most promising electric guitarists 5
Vai flashes of brilliance, is very expressive during his performances and has an appealing style, inspiring other people around the world to start playing the electric guitar. He has a very powerful musical presence, as his style is unmatched by any other artist alive. Complex and vibrant, his compositions are bound to make even the most reluctant critic give in and bring him praise.

His schedule for 2014 doesn’t only involve tours, fan-meetings and high quality music and performances, but also brings forth a surprise. In June, the inaugural of Vai Academy Song Evolution Camp will take place in Saratoga Springs, New York. Once here, the attendees will learn how a song gets written, recorded, mixed, mastered, distributed and marketed, a very useful set of skills and knowledge, that will be extremely useful for the future musicians. As a treat, attendees who sign up by March 31 will receive a free Ibanez RG guitar, courtesy of Hoshino!

One of the statements Steve Vai made was

“We’ll actually use ideas from campers to build a song and then demo it.”

We chose to give Vai the 1st place on our list not only because of his unmatched talent, but also because he chose to devote time to his fans and to share his experience and expertise with people who look up to him. Steve is a living proof that although an artist’s talent may raise him on a pedestal andbathe him in the spotlight, he is also capable to be a great, down to earth man, that is not afraid to mingle with his admirers and become their friend!

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