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EGH Music Fund

Guitar King has king’s vision for developing guitarists’ future. This non-profit EGH Fund focuses on empowering guitarists and music communities online to foster a viable and sustainable future for music.

Established in 2014, the EGH Music Fund is an non-profit organization dedicated to online music excellence in guitarists’ world. EGH Fund is targeting millions of anonymous guitar players, musicians, and music fans over the Internet. The fund helps pay for online community maintenance, hosting fees and other costs related to online music programs or bloggers.

We welcome any online music communities or bloggers to join us in achieving the common goal of supporting various music programs and events online around the world.

We’re keen to invest in future of our guitar world. If you’re one of established online music communities or guitarist bloggers, please feel free to contact us for receiving donations.



Music Education for Children

Music Education
We belive proper music education to children is the best way to foster future of music.

Preservation of Music Genre

Music Genres
We like to help preserving all genres of music in digital format, for references or our memeories.

Promotion of Non-commercial Music

Promote Music
We take responsiblity to promote non-commericial music through all channels.

Online Communities of Guitar Lovers

Guitar Communities
We’re uniting all online guitar communities to make ease for any guitar lovers anywhere.




electric guitar hub

EGH Music Fund