With every start of a new year, new things come along with it. New beginnings, new bills, new jobs, new resolutions, new ideas and new guitars!!!

Let’s take a look at the last one shall we?
Yes, 2015 looks to be another year with exciting new electric guitars.

Gibson 2015 Les Paul classic

If we look at the high end spectrum of new guitars, we have a brand new guitar from Gibson. The Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Quilt is one heck of a beautiful guitar indeed. Not everyone will have the funds for this beauty, but those who have will find themselves with a gem of an instrument if the invest in this gorgeous Les Paul.
However, less can do it. Gibson also has the 2015 Les Paul classic. This guitar is weight relieved, and is equipped with zebra coil 61 tribute pickups for classic vintage sounds. This one will sure please classic rock enthusiasts and also be able to provide some classic tones in the vein Cream and Al Green.

Gibson 2015 SG Standard

Want to save even more money and still get a Gibson at a bargain? Then look no further than the Gibson 2015 SG Standard. Any AC/DC fans should have an SG in their collection. This guitar would surely do the trick. The guitar is available in 3 awesome colors, Heritage Cherry, translucent Ebony and Fire-burst.

Paul Reed smith is having their 30th anniversary and this means guitars galore of course. There will be a brand new SE custom 24, S2 custom 24, the standard custom 24 and the super cool Private stock CU24. Anyone who knows about PRS guitars will know that they provide super quality and you should definitely take a gander of the new line of 2015 PRS guitars.

banshee elite

If you are looking for something a bit different, perhaps you might be interested in Schecter Guitars which aslo have a 2015 line up that should be quite remarkable and unique. Schecter are introducing their Platinum Series, Banshee Elite, and the Hellraiser Passive guitars. They also offer Floyd Rose on some of these models on the new line which is guaranteed to please all you heavy metal players out there.

Although the guitars discussed above are brand new for 2015, we should not neglect to look at what might become popular in 2015.

As mentioned, PRS is a brand which has slowly gained in popularity since starting 30 years ago. The last couple of years, they have provided us guitar players with some of the most stunningly beautiful guitars only rivaled in popularity by Gibson and Fender.

Modern Pro Bengal Burst

Suhr guitars is becoming very popular and a very strong contender on the market today. Johh Suhr actually used to work for Fender guitars, and he has brought the tone and feel of fender with him on his Suhrs. Some even think that Suhr guitars are better in build and quality than Fender. I believe that 2015 will be another very productive year for Suhr.

There are also some smaller companies that are independent that you should keep an eye out for in 2015.
Manne guitars for instance offer some very cool and unique guitars. They are based in France, so not as easy to come by if you live outside of Europe.

Chapman Guitars ML1

Finally, I would like to mention Chapman Guitars. This guitar is the brainchild of Rob Chapman who initially started out simply reviewing gear for a company called Andertons in the UK. However, Chapman has grown to become a real youtube personality over the years, and has now after a lot of hard work designed his very own guitars and has his own company which is becoming increasingly popular. As a matter of fact, his guitars are available now in the USA as well as Europe. The most popular model is the ML 1. The real cool thing about this guitar is the fact that it was designed by people commenting and making suggestions on youtube. The ML 1 bares resemblance to Nuno Bettencourts N4 guitar. There is also an ML 2 which is more like a Les Paul shape.

So, 2015 will indeed be another exciting year for new guitars. Now all we have to figure out is which one to get.

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