There is no doubt that Gibson is one of the most sought after and popular guitar brands in the world. Gibson is synonymous with legends such as Slash, Joe Perry, Al Green, Jimmy Page, Joe Bonamassa, Gary More, Mark Knopfler and many more.



Obviously, the Gibson Les Paul is one of the most popular models. However, there are many other excellent models that you should familiarize yourself with. Ultimately to find the “best” Gibson electric guitar you should consider which Gibson guitar is right for you, your style, and your playing.

If you are going for pure rock and roll, the Les Paul is the most iconic. A Les Paul through a Marshall amp is almost a rock cliche, but it quite simply sounds amazing.The great thing about the Les Paul is the fact that, although it is great for rock, it is versatile enough to be used for playing Blues and even Jazz as well. The Les Paul has a tone that is instantly recognizable which is probably why it is so sought after. The sound of a Les Paul is rich and full, largely due to its humbuckers, but also thanks to the build and the wood used.

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However, if Jazz is your style but you still want to play a bit of soft rock and Blues, perhaps you should look into the Gibson 335. This is a great guitar for Jazz and and Blues. The guitar is a semi hollow body and has a very nice tone indeed. This is the model that BB King uses. Other players include Larry Carlton and Freddy King. The body of the guitar is quite huge if you are used to playing smaller non hollow body guitars. This may take some getting used to. Make no mistake however, a 335 can sure scream and get loud. As a matter of fact, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden has his own signature 335 stye guitar. This is of course called the Chris Cornell ES-335,

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If you prefer to be “all Jazz,” then you should try to get your hands on a larger sized hollow body guitar. There are a number of great models on the market. If you have the cash, you should try the Gibson L-5. You might also be interested in a Wes Montgomery model. This is sure to put some swing into your playing for sure and even add a great look.Jazz guitars have a rounder and fuller tone than say a Les Paul. But you are still able to play fast and “shred” on a Jazz guitar. It just needs to be clean and undistorted. This is why a lot of Jazz guitars, although big in body and shape have a nice and easy to play neck so you can fully utilize your technique for some wood shred.

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If you want something a little different, you should check out the Gibson Thunderbird. This is a strange yet cool looking guitar. It a model that is used by the great Warren Haynes, and although not a “shred” type of guitar, it is definitely a guitar that has some major tones and sounds fantastic. The firebird has been around for a number of years, but seems to have been overshadowed by the other models. But is seems like it is making a comeback and if you like gritty and loud tones, but do not want to fall into the “Les Paul” category of guitar players, the Firebird may be just what the guitar doctor ordered.

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To sum up, the best Gibson electric Guitar is a matter of preference indeed. Be sure to consider what you are going for musically when choosing your model. However, nobody said that you can’t have more than one, right ?


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Gibson USA continues the tradition of innovation, premium quality, and made-in-America hand-craftsmanship that started in 1894. Although their flagship Les Paul is the most iconic guitar in history, other innovative guitars and basses have become standards in their own right – like the SG, Explorer, Flying V, and Firebird. Gibson instruments are truly “American made, world played.”

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