One the most popular battery-powered guitar amps in the market nowadays, the Roland Micro Cube Battery Powered Amp is a great practice amp for beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar players alike.



What to love about this amp

This beauty is serious.

You can pretty much do everything with her from tuning up to effects. The improved Digital Tuning Fork keeps you in tune without a cumbersome physical tuner. No more worries of forgetting to bring your tuner to the practice session!

Want some effects to spice up your playing? Look no more. The Micro Cube gives you the most essential effects to start playing in your favorite genres: punk, blues, metal, you name it. From the classic chorus and tremolo to the brave flanger and phaser, topped with a separate delay and reverb processor, this little beauty truly gives you enough options to be spoilt for choice.

The Micro Cube has seven COSM amp models to choose from: British Phase, JC-120 Jazz Chorus, Black Panel 2×12, British Combo, Classic Stack, R-fier, and Little Big Man. The Roland COSM technology is exceptional at realistically modelling from preamp circuits to speaker. No more boring practice amps!

This beauty also gives you a choice of recording cable or headphone output, so you can run her straight into an audio interface for recording, or plug in your headphones and start practicing with privacy. Quite an understanding baby, is she not?

Needless to say, this baby is built to last with you through your thicks and thins. The Micro Cube is the first Roland Cube amp to run on battery or AC power, and boy do her batteries last!



  • Battery: 6 x AA batteries
  • 5” speaker
  • 6 built-in effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, and a separate delay and reverb processor
  • Seven COSM amp models
  • Digital Tuning Fork for tuning your guitar on the spot
  • Recording/Headphones output jack
  • Choice of 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch stereo Auxiliary input

Roland Micro CUBES Guitar Amplifier
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Some Cons:

There is no onboard EQ for the Roland Micro Cube. Usually this should not be a very serious issue for guitarists, but some may prefer to be able to control their tones straight from the guitar amp. However, you can easily run the recording output jack from the Roland Micro Cube to your favorite recording app or Digital Audio Workstation, and edit your tones there.

The batteries also do not come with built-in charger, so you will need to replace them when they are worn out, or plug in the Roland Micro Cube and use an AC power source instead.

Another minor drawback is the fact that being a solid state guitar amp, the Roland Micro Cube amp might not have enough distortion to satisfy the hardcore tube amp fans. It is a good amp to play in multiple genres nevertheless, and I doubt anyone can complain about the lack of versatility with a guitar amp this size and price.

Awesome things you might not know you can do with the Roland Micro Cube Battery Powered Guitar Amp:

You can plug your music player into the amp input, blast your favorite tunes and jam to it with the Roland Micro Cube guitar amp! If you prefer to practice in private, plug in your headphones. You can also run the sounds straight into your laptop to edit it in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

The Roland Micro Cube works well with acoustic instruments too! Simply mic your violin, flute, harmonica, acoustic guitar (or connect the guitar straight to the amp if it is acoustic-electric) and play around with the built-in reverb, flanger or chorus.


Possible accessories:

You might need to purchase a separate guitar cable to start rocking with the Roland Micro Cube guitar amp. A good choice is a 10-feet Fender Performance guitar cable.


Comparison with other amps in the Roland Cube Amp series:

Roland Micro Cube   versus   Roland Micro Cube GX 3W 1×5 Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amp

Roland Micro Cube GX Guitar Combo Amp
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Roland Micro Cube Roland Micro Cube GX
6 built in effects 8 built in effects
7 COSM amp models 8 COSM amp models (added ultra-heavy EXTREME amp model)
N/A i-CUBE LINK jack provides simple audio interfacing with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Digital Tuning Fork with support for flat tunings up to 2 semitones Built in chromatic tuner
N/A Memory function to save your favorite amp and effects settings
N/A Accompanying CUBE JAM app for iPhones with recording function


The Roland Micro Cube GX 3W 1×5 Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier is built upon the huge success of the Roland Micro Cube Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier, with awesome improved features. The built-in chromatic tuner allows you to tune your guitar to any note imaginable. On top of the seven COSM amp models provided by the Micro Cube, the Micro Cube GX provides a new crushing, ultra-heavy EXTREME amp model for heavy metal fanatics. Its ultra- low wattage (3W) also allows for more distortion at lower volumes, perfect for practicing, recording or jamming in a small studio, as well as rocking the stage in a small intimate party.


Roland Micro Cube   versus   Roland CUBE-10GX 10W 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp

Roland CUBE-10GX Guitar Amp
learn more about Roland CUBE-10GX 10W 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp →


Roland Micro Cube Roland Cube 10GX 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp
5 inch speaker 8 inch speaker
Dimensions: 9 inches x 12.5 inches x 12 inches Dimensions: 13.62 inches x 7.05 inches x 12.48 inches
Seven COSM amp models Three COSM presets: Clean, Crunch, and Lead
N/A Complementary CUBE KIT app for iOS and Android devices to choose more COSM amp models from
N/A Three band EQ for Bass, Middle and Treble tone control
Six onboard effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, and a separate delay and reverb processor Three onboard effects: chorus, delay, reverb
With a carrying strap N/A


The Roland Cube 10GX 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp is another highly respected Roland Cube model with an impressive sound packed in an ultra-compact guitar amp. There are three initial presets to choose from: Clean, Crunch and Lead, but you can swap those with more interesting effects using the free CUBE KIT app, available for iOS and Android devices. The CUBE KIT app includes multiple amp models to choose from, including vintage classics, ultra-heavy gain screaming machines, and even amps for bass and acoustic-electric guitar.



About Roland


The Roland Corporation (ローランド株式会社 Rōrando Kabushiki Kaisha?) is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software. It was founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka on April 18, 1972, with ¥33 million in capital.

MICRO CUBE GX Guitar Amplifier

A top-seller worldwide for nearly 10 years running, the MICRO CUBE is the most popular battery-powered amp of all time.

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